Photo by Amanda Billing

Photo by Amanda Billing

Kristina Cavit

Kristina is the Founder & Director of The Kindness Institute, an organisation that helps improve mental health and leadership capabilities through Mindfulness, The Work of Byron Katie and Yoga.

Kristina is a Coach and Educator, specialising in Mindfulness & Stress Reduction. Kristina's point of difference is her ability to make challenging concepts accessible, highly engaging, fun & transformative. She supports people to find clarity from stressful situations in order to thrive & become the best versions of themselves.

Kristina spent 8 years working around the world with communities dealing with stress & trauma. As part of the New Zealander of The Year Awards, Kristina received a  Local Hero Award and was nominated for Young New Zealander of the Year 2014 for her work. She founded award winning organisation, NPH New Zealand to support almost 4,000 orphaned & abandoned children throughout Latin America.

Kristina is passionate about wellness & mindfulness coaching and works with individuals, organisations, schools & marginalised communities. Kristina's work with young people has contributed to a decrease in anti-social and often criminal behaviours, and an increase of compassion and empathy.

In 2015, Kristina went on a research trip looking into best practice in mindfulness & stress reduction. She has trained with world leading organisations including Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Center for Mindfulness through the University of Massachusetts Medical School, The Holistic Life Foundation, supported by Harvard & John Hopkins Medical School and The School for The Work of Byron Katie. Kristina is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher and is an experienced public speaker, specialised in the areas of inspiration, leadership, wellbeing & social change.

The people she has worked with report having improved relationships, happiness, sleep, stress levels, focus and motivation to grow, despite their challenges. Based in Central Auckland, Kristina works with clients globally via Skype and in New Zealand.