Mindfulness & Yoga School Holiday Program

July 17th &18th, ages 5-11

9am - 3pm, Pt Chev Community Center

The Kindness Institute specialises in mindfulness education & we've seen great benefits for students learning, listening, confidence, improving sleep, focus and anxiety. Our program is developed based on world leading programs, including the Holistic Life Foundation supported by Harvard and Jon Hopkins Medical School. 

In this course, we explore mindfulness meditation in a hands-on way through fun games & activities, art & crafts, play & yoga. Children will learn about focus, calmness, gratitude, self love & stress management.

 The cost is $85 per day & all proceeds go to our work with vulnerable youth.Your child may participate in one or both days (course content differs each day).

 Limited spaces available

Bookings: click here

 Student testimonials:

 "When I was taking these classes this was the only time where I've felt truly relaxed and I never worried about anything other than what we we're doing."

 “Yoga stretches my bones and moves clean blood all around my body. It gets rid of my stress and I feel freedom afterwards. I have learnt to send love to my aunty instead of getting angry. I know it would help if all kids and everyone did more yoga and mindfulness.”