Fat Yoga Teacher

We believe in making yoga accessible so our yoga classes are suitable for all bodies & fitness levels. 

We believe that by giving visibility to the word fat, we can take back the power on a word that can be so destructive. Fat is just a descriptive word and everyone has their own relationship with the word. We want to contribute to changing the definition of what society has deemed beautiful, strong and flexible. 

Our community of fat yogis is super supportive, kind and fun. We are so grateful to have such an awesome community of people who trust us to teach them.

Our FAT YOGA teacher will be passionate about body positivity, reclaiming the word fat and be genuine, warm, kind and down to earth. The teacher will adapt classes to suit fat bodies and people of different levels and will have training and support to do this. The classes will be hatha / yin/yang and / or yin yoga.

Our new teacher will have at least 12 months experience teaching yoga. The teacher will need to teach every Thursday night 6:30pm - 7:30pm in Titirangi.

Teacher koha of $50 per class.

How to apply
Please email sumg.tki@gmail.com with info on yourself, your experience and why you would like this role.