Mindfulness in Schools

Our evidence based school programs help to build resilience, compassion, positive relationships, conflict resolution decision making skills, emotional intelligence and focus.


The Program

The Kindness Institute School Program has been developed with long term outcomes in mind and is based on world leading models in Mindfulness and stress reduction education.

The model is primarily based on Holistic Life Foundation's (HLF) successful model in delivering outcomes for youth living in urban poverty and often facing the affects of PTSD. HLF is researched & supported by John Hopkins Medical School, Penn State & is supported by Harvard. 

The Kindness Institute Director has trained under their leadership. All of our staff are professional & experienced facilitators who are experts in this field of Mindfulness, Yoga & Stress Reduction for youth. 

The details

Our school programs run either over a school term or a year where students graduate through four levels. Our curriculum includes the following concepts:

  • Introduction to basic principals
  • The power of the breath & how it can support us 
  • Kindness, compassion & empathy
  • Conflict resolution & positive relationships
  • Positive decision making skills
  • Internal and external strength, flexibility & resilience
  • Focus, calm & presence
  • Stress & stress response
  • Happiness

Payment Options

Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor our program to suit your students needs. We offer our programs as school courses or extra curricular activities funded by parents. 

For more info, email: thekindnessinstitute@gmail.com

As a social enterprise model, paying customers fund the program for our students who cannot afford it.