At The Kindness Institute, Mindfulness means that we develop present moment awareness in a kind and non judgmental way. Learning about mindfulness means learning to respond to situations with clarity, and lessen our negative emotional reactions, in order to grow and to thrive.   Listen to one of Kristina's Mindfulness Meditations here.

For more information, email: thekindnessinstitute@gmail.com


Our classes incorporate Yoga & Mindfulness meditation to improve physical health and cultivate a less distracted, more productive mind.

  • Yin-Yang Yoga expands flexibility and strength

  • Class is suitable for everyone (beginners extremely welcome).

  • Postures build strength, flexibility & vitality.

  • Each class includes Mindfulness meditation to bring clarity, peace & focus to your day.

  • All proceeds benefit our work with marginalised youth. 


‘The Kindness Institute has helped me not only relax and gain peace of mind through Mindfulness, but the Yoga has brought me so much relief from pain related to my chronic illness. It’s not hyperbole to say that the time spent with Kristina has changed the way I live my life for the better.’

Private Classes
1 hour
1.5 hours

Bookings & more info: thekindnessinstitute@gmail.com


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