Mindfulness Private Coaching

Our coaching takes a tailored approach that combines Mindfulness & stress management techniques to decrease stress & cultivate a less distracted, more productive mind.

‘I’m incredibly stressed.’ ‘I’m feeling lost and anxious.’ ‘I am too busy to focus on myself...’ How many times have you had these thoughts but not done anything about them?

When you have the support you need, you can learn to manage stress and anxiety on even the busiest and most chaotic of days. Using Mindfulness & The Work of Byron Katie, we teach you to be kinder to yourself, let go of others' stress & improve your relationships, work, family and health.   

Individual sessions support people in finding freedom from anything from minor concerns to highly stressful experience; to ease fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, trauma, grief, money worries, work, family & relationship issues, decision making, conflict resolution, parenting, body image, confusion, people pleasing, perfectionism and forgiveness. You will:

  • Be supported to identify your stressful thoughts & understand what’s troubling you
  • Be guided through the self-inquiry process of The Work of Byron Katie
  • Learn how to find peace & address situations with clarity
  • Develop mindfulness techniques & a toolkit to support you day to day

Youth Resilience Coaching

We specialise in Mindfulness for youth and it's what our core charity work revolves around, but we do private youth coaching too. Our sessions are developed with long-term outcomes in mind and help children ages five and up with:

  • Anxiety & negative thoughts
  • School, study & exam stress
  • Developing calm, positive thinking & focus 


1 hour private session: $200
5 session package: $800
Unwaged: $110

‘The work I have been doing with you has literally changed my life. What you are doing is making a huge impact. I would totally recommend your coaching to anyone who struggles with anxiety, perfectionism, people pleasing or stress.’ - Selina, Creative Director

‘This was really life changing. Thank you for allowing me to see with different eyes and for my mind to release thoughts and patterns. It’s been beautiful, challenging and mind-altering’.
- Molly, Designer

You can make a booking, here.