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Kristina Cavit guest speaker at LiveWell Festival

The Live Well Festival is all about healthy lifestyles, fitness, nutrition, wellbeing & happiness. Back for 2017, immerse yourself in a huge array of festival features including the Hits Fitness Studio, Kids Zone,  Kiwiherb Chill Out Zone, Food Market, 60+ Exhibitors, free massage and meditation sessions. Hear from NZ’s leading health and wellbeing experts.

Mindfulness for The Stress-Free, Happier You - Power Stage

Kristina Cavit has spent the past 8 years in Aotearoa and abroad, working with youth living in poverty and dealing with stress and trauma. What she has learnt is that no matter where a person is from, their likelihood of thriving depends on their ability to manage their mind & emotions.

After Kristina experienced Mindfulness, Yoga and The Work of Byron Katie as profoundly effective in overcoming challenges in her own life, she founded The Kindness Institute, a not-for-profit organisation hellbent on creating a world where everyone has the tools to manage stress and live meaningful lives.

 Kristina & her team deliver stress reduction, Mindfulness & Yoga-based programs for individuals, schools, youth who’ve been kicked out of school and women in prison.

“We teach our kids all sorts of subjects in school but what about teaching them how to love themselves & build strong mental health?” says Kristina.

 As a coach & educator, Kristina is passionate about supporting people to make positive change. She has trained with world leading organisations including Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Center for Mindfulness, The Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore, supported by Harvard and John Hopkins Medical School, and The Institute of The Work of Byron Katie.

 Kristina is also the founder of NPH New Zealand, which supports orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America and has been nominated for Young New Zealander of the Year.

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