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Wanderlust 108 - Kristina Cavit guest speaker & guided meditation

About Wanderlust 108
Anchored in large public parks,  the Wanderlust 108 events align with Wanderlust’s core mission, to Find Your True North – to cultivate your best self. Combining three mindful activities, Wanderlust 108 combines three mindful activities – running, yoga, and meditation – all led by the world’s top teachers.

Wanderlust 108  aims to foster both individual wellness and positive social change by building a large community around mindfulness, including both yoga and meditation. Mindfulness practice has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression and bias, promote a positive body image and improve cognition, but meditation and yoga are seen by many as intimidating or too difficult. Wanderlust 108 shows that practice in a community setting is accessible, affordable and inclusive – and fun. We are helping to build a global mindful movement, one that will have positive effects on society long after the event is over.

  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Inspiring teachers, uplifting activities, tasty treats, and plenty of high fives.  

  • JOIN THE MINDFUL MOVEMENT: Change starts from within. Come together to build a movement around mindfulness and compassion.  

  • AN EVENT FOR EVERYBODY:  New to yoga or meditation? No problem. We’ll help you uncurl that mat and find a comfy sitting pose. Just dust off your sneakers and come on down.

BRING YOUR BESTIES:  You can register with your fellow seekers as group of four or more.