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Fat Yoga - Bring a Friend Night Wed 22nd Aug

Fat yoga is about creating a non judgemental, open minded & body positive space for everyone. 
We believe in making yoga accessible so our yoga classes are suitable for all bodies & fitness levels. Beginners are extremely welcome!
We believe that by giving visibility to the word fat, we can take back the power on a word that can be so destructive. Fat is just a descriptive word and everyone has their own relationship with the word. We want to contribute to changing the definition of what society has deemed beautiful, strong and flexible.

About the course
This is a one off class so you and your friend can give Fat Yoga a go, beginners are extremely welcome. Maybe you are a Fat Yogi already and you can to introduce a loved one to this amazing class. 

You will explore the fundamentals of yoga & meditation in a relaxed, non judgemental environment where you'll be encouraged to go at your own pace. The course is taught by Yoga & Mindfulness teacher Laura Mckenzie who believes that yoga is  for everybody and is passionate about making yoga accessible for everyone. She loves teaching beginners & creating a safe, welcoming fun space. Kristina focuses on how yoga poses feel, rather than how they look.
This class will help you develop physical and mental strength, flexibility & vitality. This class will include mindfulness meditation to develop calm & focus. 

You and a friend for $20
Ponsonby Community Centre
20 Ponsonby Terrace, Ponsonby

Proceeds fund our work with marginalised communities.

More info:

“I am sick and tired of the word "fat" being used as an insult..Because it is the responsibility of the oppressed to reclaim the language of their oppressors. Because I don’t want to fear a word. Because I am "fat" and I am proud....I know it can be intimidating to try out a yoga class if you’re a novice and ESPECIALLY if you’re a curvy novice...I feel like yoga is body positive because it’s saying you don’t need to be concerned about what other people think of you." 
- Jessamyn Stanley, Yoga Teacher

"When we reclaim the words that have been used to bring us down we take their power away. Some people are fat, some people are thin, some people are chubby, some people are muscular, and all people are worthy of self love and respect, no matter how their outer shells look.” - Megan Crabbe