Our Youth Programmes

Our youth work is two-fold. Our paid teacher training programs include working with educators, youth workers, health professionals; and training kaiako and staff in how to deliver our evidence-based program in their workplace or community.

Our not-for-profit program is ATAWHAI and to learn more about that, click here.

In our work with rangatahi, they learn to deal with challenging emotions, conflicts, forgiveness, honest communication, empathy, focus, motivation, positive decision making and positive relationship skills. Our mahi has contributed positively to the development of confidence, empathy, compassion, and turning around anti-social and sometimes criminal behaviours in rangatahi. To see program evaluations and testimonials for this mahi, click here.

We work with youth in mainstream school, alternative education, youth justice and with other community partners. We have also piloted a successful program in alternative education in partnership with The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand & Mindfulness Education Group.

We offer Mindfulness for youth training programs across Aotearoa with in schools and community organisations. These programs are funded by the schools or local organisations. To join the waitlist for teacher training and for   more information on a program in your school or community organisation, email: thekindnessinstitute@gmail.com

"I can confidently say that through the Mindfulness program that she took part in this year, Emily's* whole approach to life, school, her after school job, and her relationships, has made her a new person. It's been a massive blessing to her journey and something she now uses in day to day life."
- Anonymous

*Name has been changed to protect privacy