Programme evaluations 

Summary of impact

100% of youth report a reduction in stress. Similar results in mainstream school programmes show 97% of youth reporting a reduction in stress levels. Rangatahi also report decreases in anxiety, depression and self harm. Whānau report practising mindfulness and resilience tools, an increase in calm, positive communication and general whānau wellbeing.

Evaluations from our programmes show that young people experience:

  1. Increased ability to manage stress and challenging situations in their daily lives

  2. Increased sense of connection

  3. Increased kindness to self and others

  4. Increased ability to focus

  5. Increased ability to forgive

  6. Improved ability to communicate and manage conflicts

  7. Increased self efficacy and general wellbeing

After 12 months of programme participation, 100% of ATAWHAI participants report that they are better equipped to deal with challenges, are practising and teaching mindfulness and resilience skills to their communities, have increased self efficacy, general wellbeing and connectedness.

All kaiako have reported that the programme has positively impacted their own wellbeing. Although the rangatahi are the central focus of the programme, evaluations show that the programme benefits a wider range of people including class teachers, youth mentors, programme facilitators as well as whānau, friends and the wider community.

The Kindness Institute Flagship Programme for rangatahi 14-18

In partnership with Auckland Girls Grammar School

In partnership with The Mental Health Foundation, Mindful Aotearoa & Nga Rangtahi Toa


Youth Testimonials

I used to be a troublemaker, this program has changed me, I am different now. I have a way to help with my anger & I have been teaching my little brother. I need something like this, I want you to come back. I have learnt to be confident. Yous people are special.
— Junior
Yoga stretches my bones and moves clean blood all around my body. It gets rid of my stress and I feel freedom afterwards. I have learnt to send love to my aunty instead of getting angry. I know it would help if all kids and everyone did more yoga and mindfulness.
— William
It helps get things off my mind when I am stressed. My challenge is my emotions and this program has helped me deal with them. It helps me think twice before I make decisions. I want to keep doing this and help other kids to learn yoga & mindfulness.
— Yvonne
This course has helped me become more mindful, relaxed and to be myself. I used the breathing techniques and noticed I play better on the rugby field. It could help a lot of people with their stress and their problems.
— Shane