Programme evaluations 

In partnership with Auckland Girls Grammar School

In partnership with The Mental Health Foundation, Mindful Aotearoa & Nga Rangtahi Toa


Youth Testimonials

I used to be a troublemaker, this program has changed me, I am different now. I have a way to help with my anger & I have been teaching my little brother. I need something like this, I want you to come back. I have learnt to be confident. Yous people are special.
— Junior
Yoga stretches my bones and moves clean blood all around my body. It gets rid of my stress and I feel freedom afterwards. I have learnt to send love to my aunty instead of getting angry. I know it would help if all kids and everyone did more yoga and mindfulness.
— William
It helps get things off my mind when I am stressed. My challenge is my emotions and this program has helped me deal with them. It helps me think twice before I make decisions. I want to keep doing this and help other kids to learn yoga & mindfulness.
— Yvonne
This course has helped me become more mindful, relaxed and to be myself. I used the breathing techniques and noticed I play better on the rugby field. It could help a lot of people with their stress and their problems.
— Shane