Wellness & Mindfulness in the Workplace

Stress is becoming a high risk factor in the workplace; 40% of workers report that their job is very or extremely stressful. This explains why so many organisations are now integrating Mindfulness & Wellness into their workdays. And we can help you with that because we're all about practical tools, lowering stress levels and making sustainable change to stress.

Our workplace programs include:

  • The Mindful Leader – 1:1 leadership coaching to support people to develop into self-aware, capable leaders in your business.

  • The Mindful Team – Team-based Mindfulness programme run over 6-8 weeks.  This programme is designed to enhance team communication, engagement and creativity. 

  • The Mindful Workplace – Keynote presentations, team building and half- or full-day workshops for larger groups.

  • Your Unique Workplace – a tailored approach based on your unique business needs. 

For more information, email: thekindnessinstitute@gmail.com

‘I am positive that starting this program has been part of the success we have had in facilitating the critical hard outcomes of our organisation. This is the best personal and professional development program I have done.’  Anonymous

“With compassion, humour, and gentle facilitation, The Kindness Institute helped me recognise my personal strengths and areas where I struggle, and where these can be encouraged and communicated professionally. I learnt very tangible mindfulness tools to apply throughout the workday which has already positively impacted my stress levels.’  Anonymous

‘The biggest impact these sessions had, was on the team as a whole. We now easily play to each other's strengths, and offer support where we know our colleagues may struggle. This has created a safe, supportive work environment, where we all feel heard and considered.’  Anonymous